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HX32-XLT Single-Hung Tilt-Sash

    • 3-1/4" frame depth 
    • 18 mm, 22 mm and 38 mm XLT polyamide thermal barriers
    • Can accommodate different interior and exterior finishes
    •  AAMA AW-50 Architectural Performance Class rating
    • 0.060" to 0.080" extrusion wall thickness
    • Tilt-in sash for custodial cleaning access
    • Rigid, five-member frame construction for ease of installation and lower air infiltration
    • Various latches available; block and tackle or Caldwell Ultralift™ balances
    • Optional snap-in nailing flange/air-water membrane leg
    • Between-glass muntins optional
    • Half screens available, removable from the interior
HX32-XLT Single-Hung Tilt-Sash

Custom Window™ by Wausau 9250 Double Hung

    • Fluted or beveled perimeter glazing rebates to match existing putty-glazed windows
    • AAMA AW-80 Architectural Performance Class - Grids designed for project-specific wind loads
    • 5-7/16" frame depth with polyurethane thermal barrier
Custom Window™ by Wausau 9250 Double Hung

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