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ADA Accessibility for Windows

Residential towers, hotels and mixed-use buildings rely on Wausau for flexible configurations, dependable performance and attractive designs to frame urban views. Our smooth-operating accessible vents help ensure a connection with the outdoors.

In the Northeast and Midwest, replacement windows blend historic style with modern performance. Along the Gulf Coast, hurricane impact-rated window products help protect occupants and structures. In California, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, Wausau engineered systems address demanding seismic requirements.

Leverage the unique characteristics of Wausau window wall for your next mid-rise or high-rise residential, mixed-use or dormitory project. Wausau off­ers a full line of windows, curtainwall systems and storefront designed specifically for use in window wall applications.

Wausau’s experienced technical design team optimizes structural integrity, weather-ability, energy efficiency, noise attenuation and aesthetics, to deliver time-tested products backed by a well-deserved 65-year reputation for reliability and workmanship.

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Avalon Towers

Avalon Towers

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