Historical and Replacement
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ADA Accessibility for WindowsKnitting old and new, blending original materials and original ideas, Wausau understands the sensitivities of preserving historic buildings – whether replicating Gothic steel frames, mimicking wood and putty-glazed sashes, or providing historically accurate products to match distinctive details of steel replica windows, true divided lite muntin grids and era-appropriate color combinations.

In many aging buildings, existing windows are leaky, single-glazed sash with conductive framing systems. They can be difficult—or even dangerous—to operate, promote unhealthy condensation, mold or mildew formation, and force occupants to keep their distance from exterior walls due to glare, drafts and noise.

Custom Window™ by Wausau’s historically accurate window systems address stringent aesthetic requirements for tax credit-eligible historic preservation projects because they more closely represent the unaltered appearance of vintage wood and steel putty-glazed windows.

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